A little bit about me 

I'm a California girl on an adventure with the love of my life and our four wonderful kiddos. We currently live in Wiesbaden, Germany and love to travel!!

Being a wife and mommy is the best!

God has blessed me with being able to spend everyday at home with my four little ones and work around their schedule.

We started our homeschooling journey this past year and love it!

I enjoy traveling, baking and cooking!

I also need coffee and/or Diet Coke, they pretty much keep me awake everyday!

I'm very easy going and love meeting new people!

My Passion

Now on my LOVE for Photography and capturing your story

I absolutely love photography. I'm so lucky to be able to work doing what I love, especially being able to capture some of life's most precious moments!

I'm an on location natural light lifestyle photographer, I love the sun and I love being able to work with any natural light that I can get. My work mainly consists of lifestyle photography, I love being able to truly capture each person's unique story. I want you to feel at home, have fun, and be comfortable for your entire session time. My goal is to give you the best photo session experience that you will ever have!

When I come "home" I love to work in California with all of my family and friends.


I'm so blessed with the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. So far we've been lucky enough to visit Paris, Rome, London, Spain, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Scotland (my favorite for SO many reasons), Luxemburg, Prague and Berlin along with many other great places here in Germany. I love going to new places and capturing the beauty of each new place we visit. I hope I can share more of my travel adventures with you.